Monday, March 26, 2007

Its now about 4.15 am .... Have been studying chemistry for like forever...

Conference with Pst. Pat Mesiti..
Its was indeed a fun and interesting that i actually got to hear Pat Mesiti preach live. The message was good and wakening.. his humour + logic + reality was awesome... one thing that i really remember is when Pat asked :

" should we give our nett income or our raw income?"
"Well, do you want nett blessings or raw blessings?"

This somehow is funny and in a way brought out awareness in me...
He spoke about the rewards, blessings ........ the best part is these doesn't come along with sorrow and curses...

Tithes are indeed very important, the important thing here is not that we should give tithes but it is more of WE MUST GIVE TITHES.

Tithes open Heaven's windows to you - Malachi 3:10
Tithes diligently presented cause God to consistently rebuke the devourer for you - Malachi 3:11
Those who tithe are those who the nations will come to called blessed of God - Malachi 3:12

* tithes is not 5%, not 8% but 10% of a person's increase that belongs to God .

Another joy of the day is that two of my friends, Heng and Hari actually came to church on Sunday as well..... Seeing them dressed smartly and actually sat through the whole service indeed brought much joy... After more than 6 months of invitation, and endless prayers, they finally came to attend the church service.. =)
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
God did not give up on me on anything, therefore, we should continue and never give up on the people around us...

Exams are around the corner... I better get back to my books...

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