Monday, August 04, 2014

Logical Consideration

Human behaviour are hard to predict and quantify. How do we put a number to a risk assessment of human behavior. A person who you merry now might be the best choice for your life now. But can we guarantee that our love for our partner will never fade away? Or how can we be certain that our partners will stay faithful to us all the time? Knowing the risk will help us access the situation. There is no guarantee of a human behavior, but we can just wish for the best. If you never want to take the risk, you will just need to live without knowing how life might get when you’re together.

It is important to make necessary logical consideration when making life big choices. Choice of your studies is important. Of cause you can choose to change or switch courses along the way. But ideally, when you pick a major, it will help determine what type of career you are going to have. For example, if you are afraid of blood or do not like to interact with humans, do not choose medicine for your studies. And if you do not like mathematics and physics, do not choose engineering. If you think that you have made the wrong choice and its too late to turn back, it is only wise to make the best in the situation you are in. Continue to give your best and try to enjoy it as you go along.

Most people look at wedding as a life long journey. It is important to consider many aspect of this lifelong engagement and not just jump into marriage with your love at first sight or pressure from around. I’m not saying that love at first sight will not lead to a lasting marriage, but logic must take place in lifelong decision. Wedding vows are meaningful and it is worth looking at it over and over again when you have disagreement and fights, it will help you to remember why you choose to merry the other person in the first place.

No matter what choices we make, we need something to fall back unto if things do not work out. The only constant in life to me is the existence of God. All human can fail you or disappoint you but one thing in life that you can have peace holding on is the Father in heaven that will always love you, through thick and thin, through laughter and sorrows. This is how I find peace, this is the thing that keeps me going on, having a hope to carry on.

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