Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just a phase

Life is a journey that we walk through. Some give up half way through but still, there are many who are trying our best to make the best of our life. Are anything we do meaningful? Are we just living for this period on earth or is eternal life true as some of the religious teacher teachers us? Can you trust anyone unless you have been through that phase yourself?

Living life on earth has its ups and downs. The choices we make will pave the steps of where we will be in the future. What about the people who are clueless and have no idea of what we want in life? What influence our choices and decisions?

What are the things that influence our decisions? Sometimes, its just about living up to people’s expectation, sometimes we are too scared and prefer to take the easy way out, and yet sometimes we just want to try something different and exciting.

There are so many important choices that we make, we can either take the easy way out and follow the trend and the people around. Or we can stick to our gut and try to walk a road that we deem “right” for us. Whichever way we take, we can hardly see the other end of the path not taken. We can only comfort ourselves and believe that the one that we are taking now will turn out well. Continue to hope for a better tomorrow.

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