Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm a coconut

Expectation from people will somehow determine how we act and conduct ourselves. Maybe many of us are just like coconuts, we look all the same hanging off the tree.

Looking good from the outside, just green and happy, ready to sprout when we come in contact with water.

When people poke closer, they will come to the husks, we are just tolerating, let them poke, it wouldn’t hurt much, we are rather strong and can get through anything that comes our way. We are spongy, we bounce back easily.

But when people come too close or be too hostile, they will come to our shell, that’s the thing that is protecting us when people try to invade. We will be strong, throw us around, roll us around, we will stay strong.

However, for those who really know us, they will know what is inside us. Sweet sweet flesh and just sloshing sweet water ready to refresh anyone who really knows us.

Every strong coconut has a fragile side inside.

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