Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why are we here?

It is good to share God’s word to people. I actually learn more when I prepare the notes then when I actually attend some other talks.

Was sharing about “why are we here?” with the youths during the youth fellowship. Some of the points were like we are here to worship; we are here to fulfill the great commission etc. When it comes to a point where I was preparing, “we are here on this earth to Glorify God”. Looking back, I have many times failed at doing this.

Thinking back about my school days, my results fluctuate according to years. When I was young, my results are sort of good, till I was in standard 3. Then, it went real bad till I’m in form 3. Starting from form 4, my results slowly catch up. Not good yet, but slowly improving.

According to my performance, no one would think that I’ll even go to UK to further my studies. Ulu Klang maybe, but not United Kingdom.

But people are stubborn in many ways. So many times I fall, learned my lesson but still fall again. How could it be “learned my lesson” when nothing actually change? For example, I just completed my A LEVELS. I did miserably in my first exam. Then I resit for it and got a rather average score but am glad about it. Then coming to the last exam, I spent much time with my computer, resulting 2 months of worries about my results and finally when it came out, it was acceptable, but much worse than the other two person taking the same course, same scholarship as me. Come to think about it, I did not actually glorify God in that sense.

The last part when I was sharing, I told them they we need to change. For this, we have to first “sanctify” ourselves and then set our goals right. To sanctify, I need to repent, pray, have PURPOSE IN MY HEART, and have faith. God has brought me this far, I believe that He will bring to pass all good things that He has started. Furthermore, in setting our goals, we used the S.M.A.R.T. way. This is what I learned in my motivational camp. Our goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Action-plan, Realistic, and Time conscious. But recalling one of Pastor Kong Hee’s sermon, we Christians have God in us. Therefore, we have to be S.M.A.R.T.E.R. We have to have Expectation management and also Revelation.

Going into the new chapter of my life, far away from my family, there ought to be many changes in the way I handle things. I need to now plan financially, it’s not like in KL where I just call home when I do not have enough money. Well, the journey has already begun since I’m already starting to pack. To make it interesting, I think my Offer letter is lost in mailing, therefore, my Visa is not done yet. I need to reschedule and delay the plane. Addition to that, I now fly alone, without my scholar mates. With heavy luggage, big airports, my first transit, I need to find my way to Newcastle. No doubt with my blur face, I have God with me.

Its no use to not practice what I preach. As my fellow youths are changing, setting their mind on the right things to do, I too need to change and start performing.

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cheesy-pops said...

it's true that sometimes we preach what we do not do! Lately I've been thinking a lot and feel a lot like a pharisee!!!

But thank goodness for God's mercy and love, and STRENGTH, we WILL change! :)

agape Grace