Saturday, August 02, 2008


5 days in Kem Bumi Jati, Shah Alam, attending BTN(Biro TataNegara).

At first, the reasons that I attend it because it is COMPULSORY, plus, I need to keep myself occupied while waiting for my results. So, there I go, Hari’s dad fetch us there and Azeim’s mum got us back home.

A piece of advice from my mum before I went, “go with a positive attitude!”

So, yeah, I went with a positive advice, with little unwillingness.

My dorm is right next to the loud speaker. I jump right up the next morning hearing, “BANGUN BANGUN, SEMUA BANGUN”. Looking at my phone, its only 5.25am. ArggggGGHHH!!! But well, its not that bad waking up early in the morning, at least it is good for my health. But the loud speaker seems to have lesser effect as days pass. It is so easy for us to accommodate and get use to the surrounding. Asvin says, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

161 of us scholars (MARA, KPM, PETRONAS, MISC…) together with our facilitators, trainers together, we completed the course.

In all things that we go through, there are good things and bad things. But well, it is all how we look at it.

What did I learn from this BTN?

The main focus are “PERKARA 153, PERKARA 14, PERKARA 10, PERKARA 181, PERKARA 5… etc.” Well, this is the head knowledge that I got. But then, what did I really see through this camp?

We can see how people think differently. Different people from different background, and different teachings have different thinking. The way we all look at the same thing might be different.

I also learned that we have to be well equip with general knowledge, and see the impact when people see things from only one angle. Well, if we only see things from one angle, it is “dangerous”.

Furthermore, I learned when to speak and when to listen first before speaking. And also if there is a need for us to speak.

This whole holiday, I learned that we need to pray, love, treasure, and defend my nation, my country. After the whole MYPG, 40 days praying and fasting for the nation, BTN, most of the things that I went through this whole holiday is about the importance of standing up for my nation.

Well, we are the child of God, we are here to love and pray as one. We are here for a reason, for a purpose.

Results are coming out soon!!! … -.-“


Ash Singh said...

So after learning all the perkara and stuff, are you gonna do law now ?

Anonymous said...

are u saying that btn was great??
huhu.. cos my friend said it was totally useless..
and answering ur question in my blog,
i'm ok..
just few problems hitting me now..

Serena Lim said...

Well, Zul, "great" is relative.
everything we go through, no matter how useless we think it is, there ought to be some stuff that we can learn from it. =D
at least sometimes we get to see the true colour of others. =D