Thursday, May 15, 2008

How are you?

“How are you?” This is not just one simple question, it consist of, “hey, what you up to?”, “how’s things going on over there?”, “taken your dinner?”, “any updates?”, “anything you want to share?”.

So when people ask you this question, we should answer more then “I’m ok.”. Although that’s my reply most of the time. Well, communication breakdown is one of the reasons why people can’t get along well, why friendship fades away, why marriages do not work out, why families fall apart. Well, am not good at relationships, but am working on it.

I believe that God send people to our life for a reason, to be impacted and to impact them. When we are facing problems, if we keep everything to ourselves, we can’t aspect people to have supernatural powers and know what we’re thinking and doing. Maybe some of you out there do have, but I know that I do not acquire this “gift”.

Really thank God that He sent a good “human counselor” into my life. She happens to be my church counselor and also happens to be my mum. Well, not everyone has a family to listen to everything that they have to say, there comes our friends. What are friends for? They are there to share and to help one another, not to be “used – taken advantage off” though.

Well, some of us might want to talk to our pets. They might calm you down, but well, I haven’t got any solutions from dogs yet, maybe I’m not trying hard enough… hmmm… what would I do if they start talking to me?...

But some of us might not be as lucky to have friends or pets that are willing to hear our problems. Well, there is someone that will always be there for us. He’s our God. He’ll be there for you and me anytime, anywhere. He’s some sort of a mobile friend that we can bring along wherever we go, and yes, your secret is safe with Him. There’s no where I can find a better friend than Him.

Thank God for msn, email, cell phone, and all sort of stuff that connects our friends to us and us to our friends.

*Here's a song that i would like to share, not a new song, (but new to me), my youths were singing it and it really touched me the first time i listened to it. The title is "祷告,I PRAY"

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