Friday, April 11, 2008

Hotel Rwanda

As many of you know, its holiday time for me. I love holidays. It’s a time when you get to meet up with your old friends, spend more time with your youths, have more dinners with your family, catch up with movies.. etc…

Well, here are some movies that I watched lately.
The first one is Hotel Rwanda, Starring Don Cheadle(Paul). Its quite an old movie though. The movie is basically about a civil war between the Tutsi and Hutus. The thing that really touched my heart when I watched this movie is that how a guy can sacrifice, willing to go through hardship, willing to pay a high price when the neighbors, friends, family, and strangers turn to him. In this modern world we are living in, its more for I live for myself and maybe my family and perhaps a few close friends. Greed, selfishness, ego, we often ask this question “what’s in for me?”, and sometimes we tend to be too calculative, like we put all the things we do on a weighing balance.

Well, is it easier to give money to the beggar, to the needy, to random people then to give it to some of your relatives that are always asking for more?

And why is it that sometimes easier to give offering to the church then to give to your poor friends? And why is it that we feel better when we do mission overseas than in your country, or maybe just around the neighborhood? Doesn’t CHARITY START AT HOME?

Why is it that we treat people differently? Do we speak differently when we talk to or boyfriend compared to our family members? Or why do we even treat our friend differently with our family?
Why is it ok for us to play with the orphanage than to clean up a junk yard? Is it not both helping? Or do we only help when it is to our convenience?

In this movie, his love for human kind, not only for his own people but the ones that are different from him. LOVE. Yups, that is the missing ingredient in this world. Well, not only plain love, but how much we love. How far are we willing to go in the name of love? I can’t deny that its easy to love when it comes to our convenience but when its not, is it going to be a whole different story.

No one is perfect, but don’t make it an excuse for ourselves. I have a lot to learn from Paul. I believe that there is still room for everyone to grow in the context of love. Love, love, love, easier said than done. “LOVE”, a BIG, STRONG, MEANINGFUL, WONDERFUL word, yet, often taken lightly.

Next movie.. to be continued…

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