Thursday, April 24, 2008

All in a night

Looking up,
Cool wind, nice trees, starless sky
Should I choose pollution or rural areas?
Can I have an unpolluted city?

Staring at the allay
A widow standing there, in my mind
Looking straight at us
Wondering “Why is life unfair”

Sitting at the stalls, eating
You’re so near, yet so far
When can we talk face to face
And not only "chat" for ages

Sitting in the car,
Discussing about random stuff
That will not make a change
But it’s a need to build relationships

Seeing from afar, thinking,
When will we be able to read minds?
All will be clear if it is so
But yet much disaster and hatred will come along

Life goes on
Will we regret the things we’ve done
Or the things that wanted but did not do
Is this about ego or reputation?

When will we know the truth?
Is the truth the best solution
Or is it better to have world peace
and not knowing the truth?

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