Thursday, March 06, 2008

Utter randomness

In cafeteria :-
Amir : You know, English, there’s just love. But in malay, its sayang, cinta, and suka.
Me : What’s the difference to you?
Amir : Sayang – you love someone, but even though you’re not together,you’ll be happy for them.
Cinta – you love that someone and you want to be together no matter what.
Suka – it just come before sayang and cinta.

Me : -.-“

Outside Physics Lab :- 
Jia-Li : how you doing?
Me : Fine, just a bit blur, can’t really study just now.
Jia-Li : Its good to see you blur all the time, makes me calm.
Me : Hahaha… I’ll take that as a compliment i guess.
Jia-Li : You know what? I just need to look at you before the exam, and that will calm me down.
Me : -.-“

On the Phone :- 
Jonathan : Hello, who’s this?
Me : Who do you think this is?
Jonathan : Ah, Serena, what’s up?
Me : How do you know its me?
Jonathan : Its your blur voice, always sound like you just woke up.
Me : Hahaha… I woke up long ago, already on my way to college. -.-“

Note : Blur don’t equal to I don’t understand, I’m not listening, I don’t care, “whateverlar”.. etc.. Its just merely talking monotonously. -.-“

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