Saturday, March 15, 2008


Many times, we fail is not because human is not capable. Its not because we didn’t put enough effort. Sometimes, it’s the just the timing. ( Why superheroes are often defeated at the beginning and are only in control in the end of the movie? It’s the timing. At the end, they will have more power, more preparation, and more alertness, learning from their first defeat and regain consciousness and more aware and ready to face their opponent. ) the learing process requires time.

Our heart might want it so much, having high hopes, craving for the answer we want. But in the end, we go back with emptiness, having nothing to bring along, not having the answer in hand. We blame ourselves, we blame everyone else. Going through depression, lost and having nothing to look forward to. How scary it is when we start to lose hope.

Which is sadder? A person that have a dream but not pursuing it; or a person who has no dream at all?

But sometimes, why is the timing always wrong? Getting sick during your exam period, unfortunate things just come by when you’re trying to focus, something will just come and bug us when we’re trying to do something. Often, we will continue and press on to finish our task. But won’t it be better if we can complete it without much misery? But we must always remember that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. As easy as it is said, how many of us are actually looking forward to trials so that we can learn something out of it?

Most of the time we would prefer to learn from other people’s experience. But the outcome is not the same. For example, I never understand why will people cry when they do not score well, well, its just a paper, try harder next time. Until it happen to me, it’s a whole different story, all the effort just flush into the drain, just like that. Well, looking at the bright side, at least you know how people feel when they are disappointed when their efforts don’t produce the outcome that is expected.

We are often searching for answers. Are our questions not answered, or is it just not the answer we want, or is it that the timing is not right yet? Its easier to ask a question that we can get a yes and no answer rather then you’ll soon to find out. Soon? How soon is soon? What’s the measurement of it? How long more must I wait? Sometimes, we just feel the emptiness, there’s something missing in our life. But thinking of it, we have everything that we need, not to talk about wants. If we are earning more than USD 100 per month, we are in the top 5% income earner of the world. What more do we want?

Standing there the other day, with so many unsolved mystery, just hoping to get the answer, but can’t seem to get it. Just telling, “don’t let me die here, I know you’re out there some where, in fact I know you’re here. I know you’re watching. I know you care, I know you have a plan for me, I know that I need to have faith.” When will everything be revealed to me? Is it not the time yet? Who can I talk to that have the answers?

Well, our timing is not always the best timing. Maybe its just a period of change. Can an obedient heart and a little step of faith take us through all these? Well, the answer will sooner or later come, we need to continue to ask, continue to wait for the answer, but no matter what the answer may be, receive with it with an open heart. And be grateful at the end of the day. But if we never ask, never seek, we’ll never know. But sometimes, its just too hard to ask, but all shall be revealed in due time.

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