Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting used to routine, going through the things over and over again, using the same formula of life, tackling every difficulty that we face, with reasoning and deciding after much analysis. We are sometimes unfamiliar to changes. And often reluctant to leave our comfort zone.

The path is straight, with some bumpy roads; some turnings and sometimes we might face dead ends and might have to make a U-turn. When things go wrong and we are hit again and again, continuously, will we be like the tree that will stumble or are our roots planted deep enough that no matter what wind blow, we are able to come back to position?

There might be times that we are lost and can’t seem to decide, can’t seem to see any light in the darkness, can’t find the path in the jungle. There’s no wrong in staying in the jungle for a while before we find our path out of it, we might resort to waiting for help, and we might continue and wait and hope that a map will appear. But in the end, the important thing is that we have to find our way out.

There might be lots of people, giving various advices, pointing to different path, in the end, we have to decide on who to follow, how to follow and why are we following. We can also build our own path.

With everything around, the crowd, the noise, the wind, the cars… as long as we are able to stay focus, know what we want, and start to really ask and pray, we will find that there are no barriers among us and God, and are able to continue the journey. Being tied down with all the work and activities, we have less time; this is when we learn how to treasure time. Facing failures, this is when we learn how to climb back up.

When our tires are flat, put in more air, when it is wear off, change a new one. When the paints fade, repaint it. When we are bored with it, modify it. When we are less compatible, change the engine. No matter what happen, we have to use the best fuel to keep us going.

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