Sunday, November 30, 2008


White field, empty street, leafless trees. Yup, its snowing here. And it is getting colder by the day. All my body wants to do is to laze around, watch a movie, have a hot and filling meal. the sweet aroma of hot coffee just calms you down and bring you into dreamland sooner that you realise.

But then, when I was reading the bible, there it is, the verse that speaks to me. “IF A MAN WILL NOT WORK, HE SHALL NOT EAT!!!” Wow, such direct message. It is the warning against idleness.

I went to the library today, knowing that I’ll only sleep if I stay at home. Before starting, I said a short prayer that goes something like this “Lord, give me the strength to stay awake and study.” To no surprise, after an hour, my head gets nearer and nearer to the table, and soon enough, I went into dreamland and woke up only after an hour has pass. “too cold, too cold, I need to go home now.”

Many a times, “THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK.” but this does not mean that we can give in, we(I) might fail trying, but this test goes on. Try and try and try. Change the mind set, purpose in our heart!!!

Let us all have a fruitful winter and enjoy the lovely snow!!!

Continue to pray and ask for strength!!!

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