Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Semester resolution

Many a times, God speak to us through different ways. I know people who have very clear purpose or calling in their life. But why am I only living every day as it is? They will say, my calling is in Malaysia, my calling is to care for the children, my calling is in India, China, this ministry, that ministry…
Am I just a blur lost person who do not know what is ahead of me?

Or do I choose to live in this “perfect world” of mine? Well, I choose to be happy, there are bumps here and there in our life. But I choose to give praise for the good and improve on the bad. Time flies, after we fall, get over it!!! Well, no one says its easy. We are overcomers aren’t we? We overcome what ever thing that is ahead, it may take quite a while, a year, 2, 3, or even 10 or even more than that. But we will overcome it someday, somehow or another.

But dwelling in our problems too long and not doing anything about it is certainly not the solution though.

I do the normal stuff Christians does, go to church, read the bible, pray, give my tithes and offering, serve other, etc… but why is it that other people have such clear calling and me, “just give your best in everything that you are doing - can that even be a calling?”
Maybe its like the story of the talent, if I am able to treasure and make the best out of all that I have, someday I might be able to do greater thing.

But well, maybe its just our perception of “GREAT things”. We need to understand that not everyone is like Billy Graham. Serving as an usher and service as the worship leader is also serving. Most of the time, its our thinking that “washing the cups after refreshment is a less good serving than preaching in front of a thousand people.” it’s the way that we do it that matters, out of love for God, love for man.

We know so many things but its hard to actually believe it. Sometimes, I might think that all these thoughts are just to comfort myself. Well, I need to be comfortable when I talk to God, after all, He’s my friend, the only friend that I bring around even when I leave everything else miles away, or the only friend that brings me around.

Its good that my library is about 20 minutes walk to my accommodation. I can listen to some sermons, chat with God, do some reflection, the coldness around here is kind of calming too.

People normally have their New year’s resolution. But well, here’s my October resolution, it shall continue till Christmas holidays.

October/ New semester resolution :
1. More God, less chatting online
2. More studying, less sleeping
3. More Healthy food, less salt and preserve food
4. More exercise, less bluring
5. More work, less complain

Something I find interesting on my stay here. “When people tries to annoy you but doesn’t succeed, they get more annoyed instead. How weird is that?” Well, for everyone’s info, I can sleep through noise quite well, and having music loud will not annoy me much (unless I am have headache).

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