Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A year older.. ?
Surprise!!! Happy Birthday!!! Cake!!! Gifts!!! Balloons!!!
Now, wish for something.. erm.. closing the eyes, said a short wish and blew the candles.
What do people normally wish for? Good health, wealth, studies, success, peace, husband, joy, friends, family, new wardrobe… ?
The wants are never ending – I want a Golden Retriever, a Samurai Sword, a professional camera, a car… Come to think about it, people around me, are all fully equip. We have wonderful family, good friends, fit body, no financial difficulties, we practically have everything we need. And most of the time more then what we need.

There are certain things that we need to fulfill at different part of our lives. There’s time to study, time to party, time to work… what do I really want this year? To have an obedient heart I would say. Partial obedience is disobedience. Well, there are many things that I have done wrong since I started college life, and way before that. I’m still doing lots of wrong stuff nowadays, but trying + action to have self-control and persevere on. Wanting to live a life of Absolute Obedience to Jesus, the more you want it, the harder the testing? Well, it is worth it if we come to think about it. “Abide in Me and My words abide in you. Ask for whatever you wish and it will be done for you.” Besides that, if we continue to be obedient, we will have peace and joy in our heart. How do we know that what we are doing is right or wrong? Especially in the grey areas. Well, basicly, when we have the peace in our heart.

One bite, two bites, (cake) ops, wasn’t I fasting till tomorrow? Waffle!!! Tracy got me blue berry and chocolate waffle!!! Well, can’t eat now, into the fridge it goes. Why fast when its your birthday? Well, maybe because it reminds me of my purpose here, maybe it reminds me to be thankful, maybe it teaches me that we have to continue to hunger for Him.

When I walked into class today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERENA!!! (hmmm.. thanks!!! But you’re very early. =D) 5 other people thought that my birthday was today(yesterday). (thanks to Aditya, Nic, Farah and Dila, Big John)Well, a day earlier, but what matters is the heart though.

Thanks Chia Huey, Tean, Tracy, Mervyn, Sam, Richard, Asvin, Art for planning the surprise party!!! And thanks for the so many balloons and gifts and cake and prayers. Thanks for all those birthday messages at 12am sharp – Azeim, Amir, Farah, Albert, Vijay, Daniel, Kelvin, Step… thanks Kay Jin for the prayer, thanks Felix and Carrine, Hui Jin for calling ( i can't talk through phone for long, still working on it) + all the friendster wishes and emails… there are just so many stuff to be thankful for. And there are more to come, $$$ from sis, bro promised to bring me shopping, sisters coming down this weekend…

One year older, one more year of adventure ahead!!!

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Sharon Amrita said...

Happy birthday, dear! Praying God's best-est blessings on you the whole year thru! =)