Sunday, September 03, 2006

A new day, a new beginning. 
Started the whole day with alll types pf sickness and could hardly border about the things around. 
The world is turning round and round and all i could do is to stay awake throughout the day. 
The climax of the day started only at 7pm- we went to Pyramid and celebrated Khai's birthday. 
I think she was happy eventhough there were only a few of us there. 
Was still very sick thoughout the party but had to stay alert and go through the whole party happily. 
No doubt that i too had fun at the end of the day.

A day before merdeka, ended this fruitful day going for Emerge KL. It started with announcement, Solo presentation, Dance, ..... and finally came to the worship part. The conference was truly awesome! I really had a great moment praising and worshipping the Lord. I personally felt that the praise and worship is really wonderful and its awesome to see so many people praising God whole heartedly. The cries of the people there really brought the presence of God into the service.
Ps. Kong's message really challenged me  lot. I learned that we are to do our best in everything we do. As a student, i have to do my part well, shine for God in my studies. God did not send my to Taylors to preach, he send me here to be a testimony for Him- to shine in my studies. Now, i have to set everything right again. I've to spend more time with God,  spend more time with my books and also spend some time with my friends and also playing. Its quite hard for me to do that because there are too many temptations around me. 
But i know that by the strength of God, all things are posibble.
Ps. Kong preached about being relevant in the society,  there are 7 pillars of the society-Religion, Family, Business, Education, Government, Arts/Culture and Media. Most churches are very good in the religon and family part, but the actual part is that we christian have to move into the market. 
My part is now in education and i have to do my best in it. I know that God has a purpose for me giving me this scholarship and i have to do my best not to let Him and my family down.

The day ended with a nice supper. My friend ordered pork organs for me but i gave him all the pork stuff and just ate the bee hon. The satay there was very delicious too. It was indeed a fruitful day.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Cooked lunch and invited my friends over. All we did was eat, play, chat, and eat, and play, and chat....  Later that day, we went to pyramid. Wanted to go for ice skating but there were just too many people in the ice ring. So, we ended up going for a movie instade. We watched Little Man. It wasn't the best mivie ever but it was indeed a good way to spend time with my old friends.
After the movie, we went for KFC(have been eating fast food the whole week). 
Brian(Jeannie's friend, now my friend- a good dancer) and 
Albert( my new found good friend in college) joined us for dinner. 
We chatted till it was dark and went home. 


We played badminton after having McD. It was after college. Heng, Cheng Lee, Cheng Yee, Hui Jin, Ian, Kevin,Kah Ee and I went for a game of badminton in Ritz. It had been a long time since i last played such sports with my friends. Had a really really fun and energetic time with them and definately looking forward for the next game.

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